8 jul. 2007

SantoSubito Tribute video. Whatch and Share!

This video is the outcome of an spiritual experience after travelling to John Paul II´s funeral to the Vatican. What we - millions- felt during those endless queue's driving us to Saint Peter´s Square remains in our hearts. This nice shot may remind you of those days ... when John Paul II left us. Deliver it to your friends and let people know that JPII is still in our hearts.

There was a mixture of feelings in the streets of Rome those days. Certainly not much grieving, but a mixture of faith, hope, sadness and joy. Altogether. Whatever, there was something very special floating in the air in those crowded streets. Divine Grace shared by a myriad of angels surrounding us?. That´s my best guess.

Whatever, the joy and Hope we felt was produced by the certainty that JPII, that faithful servant, had done his job, had accomplish his mission. He had shown us The Works of Faith.

Thou art Peter!

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