10 ago. 2007

Good News and help needed... Catholic.cat

First the good news!.

A new catholic website has just arrived. The web site is managed by a young and saintly priest, Father Josepmaria March, currently a missionaire in Central America. Fidelity to doctrine is assured, courage to apostolate... guaranteed, christian family building and education -that means, the future of our worl
d- is the core objective.

The site has Mother Angelica´s EWTN catholic TV channel online, tons of educational material, articles and Church teachings are on the way. Good forums, assisted and moderated. Nonsense.. not allowed.

In brief, a catholic site built with spiritual excellence on mind. And yes, I will collaborate eventually with some articles in it. Don´t worry, I`ll write in Spanish.

And those are the bad news.. so far the collaborators, under F. March "discipline", are still Spanish and we DO need either funds to hire a translator, or help to get running the English version of it from a group of volunteers. (Second option preferred, money is not the real issue)

¿Any one you know might want to help?. Tell him please, a very nice group of people is waiting for you. And JPII shall smile to see that someone volunteer for the run of the New Evangelization he proclaimed while with us.

Catholic.cat that´s your catholic site.

Umm.... you know?, "there`s something about catholic.cat".... but it´s secret. Bad luck.

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